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Young Artists at Work


Young Artists at Work, a program dedicated to nurturing 14 to 18 year old students, celebrated their 18th active year. High school students are chosen and hired by the ACGT as apprentices employed to work on commissioned and personal artworks to be sold at the open house. Groups of parents, friends and art enthusiasts came to support the apprentices. An impressive show of talent was showcased.


Last night the talented group showcased their artwork at their Open House at UT’s Center for Visual Arts. The artists worked on two murals, commissioned park benches and other amazing designs.

Split into two teams named after artists, the teens worked cohesively to create two murals to be erected in Toledo. Team Mucha explored the duality that can be expressed in their art, according to their instructor. Team Warnok worked with whimsical darkness, as their inspiring artist did.

Everyone was just so proud to be a part of the Young Artists success. “I’ve learned more from them than they learned from me.” Courtney Fillion gushed when asked about her apprentices. “To work with such talent is inspiring.”

A reception was held in the Haight Auditorium where organizer Michelle Carlson gave her thanks to everyone involved. She couldn’t express enough how talented the group was.


Hopefully, the Young Artists continue to focus on their art careers. There was talent abound and bringing such passion into the workroom was very inspiring to see. 

For more information about the Young Artists at Work, visit the Arts Commission’s website